Visual Media Records has been delivering multimedia solutions for 20 years. We published the first record in 1999 and since then we have been improving standards and offering the latest solutions in vinyl record pressing, as well as DVD and CD manufacturing and technologies of mastering and digitalisation of selected audio content.

Our group consists of several brands, each of which specialises in a specific media segment.


For manufacturing vinyl records, we use the DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) technology which involves creation of a matrix out of a copper disc which then plays the role of the basic matrix for making manufacturing copies. We integrate all key competencies under one roof: we manufacture vinyl records, we print packaging (using Heidelberger and Ricoh machines), and we package and provide comprehensive logistics services in Europe.


We offer our services for bands and music publishing companies, individuals and big international companies. With the growing popularity of vinyl records, the circle of our clients is expanding and includes companies that are looking for unique ideas for promoting their brands. Our complex technical facilities and the long experience of our specialists ensures the successful completion of many orders at one time. We maintain long-term cooperation with publishers from Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and France.

Every inch of authenticity

In Poland, we promote “vinyl culture” by hosting industry meetings with publishers, music experts, bands and individuals. Since 2016, we have been managing an information campaign entitled “Vinyl Record – Every Inch of Authenticity”. This metaphor accurately describes our organisation because Visual Media Records is a brand which proudly moves from one decade to another and takes the best that the digital and analog world have to offer.