Renaissance of vinyl records

Records with a “soul” – Renaissance of vinyl records

Recently we have seen a real renaissance of vinyl records. For many people, an album is not just a disc, but the artwork that goes with the black discs is equally important. Vinyl record covers are often small works of art which can be displayed in an interesting way, for example framed and hung in an important spot or put on a shelf with albums. There is something about a linear record and full frequency of analog sound that does not make us feel tired, because the sound is natural.

According to connoisseurs, they have an incredible charm and are distinguished by amazing depth and warm sound which cannot be compared to other music sources.

“A vinyl record is charming, nice, good. Its sound comes from the physical contact of a needle with a groove in the record. The sound that comes from a vinyl record is like a baby born from that tender touch”. These words of Tomasz “Mr. Vinyl” Olszewski, the owner of one of the biggest vinyl record stores in Poland, best describe the feeling that may be experienced with a black disc and explain the reason behind the big renaissance of this medium around the world.