Growing popularity of Vinyl Record Fairs

Vinyl Record Fairs and record SWAPs are gaining in popularity

Passion and collecting are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of the Vinyl Record Fairs and SWAPs (these events are hosted in Poland practically every week and are gaining more and more new enthusiasts of vinyl records).

The latest event that took place in Szczecin should be highlighted here – the Big Vinyl Record Fair, hosted in Atrium Molo in cooperation with the Thousands of Vinyl Records project and Winylownia store.

The event was joined by vendors and collectors from across Poland. Several thousand vinyl records selected by the best stores in the country were available for visitors. Visitors could also purchase accessories for vinyl and record player care. Shopping was accompanied by music played from a record player. Such events prove that the popularity of vinyl records and interest in black discs will continue to grow.